Coupon System

@PlanetBravo, Mandy assisted in the creation of a new coupon management system that allowed the company to review digital and print campaigns more efficiently. It also allowed the company to add incentive for sales.

Google Analytics

@PlanetBravo, Mandy used Google Analytics to evaluate paid and unpaid campaigns. She analyzed the ROI of several of the company’s referral sites. She cut costs while increasing referalls.

Saved the company over $2,000 by removing unsuccessful ad campaigns.

E-mail Marketing

Designed new last minute camp enrollment e-mail promotion that increased summer camp enrollment by over 6%.

Social Media Marketing

Increased new user referral traffic from Facebook by over 54% (955 new users), by monthly postings, discount offers and paid ads.

Advertising Management

Mandy managed the advertising of two companies. One company called PlanetBravo and another called Orange Elephant. She tracked due dates, run dates, and the success of the campaigns. She coordinated with the advertising companies and created work orders.

Print and Physical Media

Managed and coordinated with print companies, newspapers, and magazines. She managed due dates, run dates, specifications, and costs. She designed graphics and ads.

Marketing Research

Researched demographics of customers. Analyzed their location relative to company locations. Analyzed ages of customers and interests. Analyzed date of purchase popularity to follow purchasing trends more closely. Used this information to reconsider company offerings and promotions. Also, used this information to consider the success of opening new locations.